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Costs, promotions, types, and availability may fluctuate. URA’s second-quarter flash estimates show that non-landed non-public house costs rose 2.9 per cent within the suburban or Outdoors Central Area (OCR), and 1.four per cent within the Core Central Region (CCR), after a respective 5.6 per cent and 5.5 per cent bounce in the first quarter. Some insurers can have a separate extra for both elements of your coverage, which means a declare affecting each the construction of your property and its contents, corresponding to a flood, will lead to a double deduction.

Typically, the limit for single gadgets ranges from £1,000 to £2,000, so verify your coverage and call your insurer when you’ve purchased something above your limit. Buildings insurance will cowl the structure of your house as well as fixtures and fittings, whereas contents insurance will cowl your possessions. Fail to let your insurer know (and, just as vital, your lender!) and any claim on the quilt could be invalid since your existing house insurance coverage will not be deemed valid because you’ve now obtained tenants in.

MoneySuperMarket knowledge discovered the typical cost of residence insurance coverage (combined) in the first 3 months of 2018 was £118 – down on …

Waterproofing Bathroom Installations: Everything You Need to Know


Waterproofing (or tanking) your bathroom installation is an essential element of a renovation or self build project, but deciding on your method of choice depends on several factors. These include the floor tiles you plan to use, and whether you’re able to do this yourself or require professionals for installation.

Bathrooms are, by nature, wet spaces, but you need to waterproof beneath a tiled installation to ensure there are no leaks, which could damage the fabric of your home. 

(MORE: Wetroom: An Installation Guide)

There are two main ways of waterproofing bathroom tiles:

  1. Use a flexible liquid membrane 
  2. Use tile adhesives and waterproof grout

Whichever system you, your builder or your bathroom installer opts for, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully as these can vary considerably.

Using a Flexible Liquid Membrane

A roll-on liquid plastic membrane acts as a waterproof layer over the substrate below in areas such as the shower, bath or sink. 

One of the salient benefits to using a liquid membrane is that it can save considerable time on a self build, DIY or renovation project, particularly if your bathroom is sizeable. 

Membranes are generally self-adhesive, although be

DIY Cat Bed Tutorial: Make Your Cat a Cozy Bed from a Basket

How do you make a simple cat bed for your feline friend? It’s easy—all you need is a woven basket, plywood, and some creativity and you’ve got the perfect place for kitty to rest and relax. Follow these steps:

DIY Cat Bed Directions:

1. Mark the Basket Size

Place the basket onto the plywood. Using a pencil, mark the outline of the basket on the plywood.

2. Cut the Plywood

Using a jigsaw, cut just inside the marked outline to allow the panel to find inside the basket. Check for a snug fit inside the basket—trim as needed.

Jenn Largesse

Trace the cutout onto a new piece of plywood, and then cut a second circular piece to create two levels.

3. Mark the Opening on the Upper Level

Using a round item (like the lid of a pot), mark the ends of a 10-inch opening about 2 inches from the edges of the circle. Using a ruler, draw a line between the circular ends to complete the outline of the opening.

4. Cut the Opening

Using a drill/driver fitted with a paddle bit, create a hole inside the marked opening. Insert

DIY Shoe Dresser – This Old House

This DIY shoe dresser makes compact storage with tilt-out bins, and a handy top drawer for additional storage. While the outer box is made from 1×12 boards, the drawer, bins and faces area all made from plywood that can be easily cut into strips with a circular saw (or by an associate at the homecenter!). For the inside, we used a half sheet of ¾-inch birch plywood, while I upgraded to walnut-veneer plywood for the faces to create a midcentury-style mix contrasting with the white paint.

(Note: the photo and project depict bins slightly shorter than the actual shoe cabinet plans. Call it a live-and-learn. The taller bins in the plans add just enough height to more comfortably fit heels and men’s shoes.)

Steps for building a shoe dresser:

Step 1: Prep the cabinet pieces

Jenn Largesse

Using the cut list in the downloadable plans above and a miter saw or circular saw, cut two 1x12x6 boards (actual dimensions ¾” x 11 ¼”) into the cabinet’s two sides, top and bottom. Using a circular saw and miter saw, cut the remaining pieces from a half sheet of ¾-inch-thick plywood—Remember, this can also be cut into manageable strips with a circular

Government Under Pressure to Cut VAT on Retrofits

The government needs to reduce its 20% VAT rate on retrofitting old homes, according to the chief executive of Historic England. 

Duncan Wilson was speaking at the Architects Journal’s AJ100 breakfast event, where he questioned retrofitting being taxed at 20% while VAT on new build projects is 0%.

“We have been speaking to the government for quite a long time [about] changing the VAT regime,” said Wilson. “That is something we need all to keep battering away at, because it is somewhat crazy to have 0% on new build and 20% on repair, refurbishment and maintenance.”

Retrofitting a home helps to improve its energy efficiency by adding new technology or features. This process differs from renovating a house or conducting home improvements to make a home more aesthetic. 

Wilson’s comments follow an industry-wide push to amend the policy. Green Alliance published a report last week stating the government should cut VAT on retrofits, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) wants VAT to be reduced to a maximum limit of 5-10%, and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors urged the government earlier this month to reduce VAT to 5%. 

The Importance of Retrofitting

Wilson said that around 21% of UK

Breast Augmentation Newyork

Prices, promotions, types, and availability could vary. Costly purchases comparable to laptops and jewellery (including engagement rings) may not be covered if they were purchased after your policy was taken out. Insurers ask what type of lock you have, so that you threat invalidating your cowl in case you put down the wrong kind. So new-for-outdated is one of the best ways to go. If you calculate the cost of your contents, issue within the value of your items as in the event that they’re new.

Mixed buildings and contents cowl is simply appropriate for people who own their properties. This left the URA’s overall personal residential price index at just 3.6 per cent below its final peak of Q3 2013 and 9.1 per cent above the last trough of Q2 2017; the price index for non-landed private properties within the second quarter this yr is 1.7 per cent below the Q3 2013 peak based on the flash estimate. I received home and contents insurance coverage for £50 with £50 cashback from Authorized & General!

We intention to show you home insurance quotes from as many insurance companies as doable, so that you can discover the correct coverage for you. …