One in 10 Have Never Attempted DIY in the UK, Research Shows

Many of us have taken to DIY during lockdown, but one in 10 Brits have never attempted DIY before, new research shows. 

Major home retailers have reopened stores in some capacity across the UK, and although restrictions still apply on some DIY products, home improvers now have greater access to DIY materials than they have had since Covid-19 lockdown began.

A survey of 2,000 homeowners by comparethemarket assessed their DIY plans during and after Covid-19 lockdown, and which tasks they were preparing for.

Around two-thirds (74%) of households planned to carry out or have already performed some DIY during lockdown. While 10% admitted to never performing DIY before, around 11% said they would consider themselves DIY experts.

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The most popular DIY task was painting walls and ceilings. which 35% said they were planning to do. 

The most popular DIY tasks, via comparethemarket, are:

DIY taskPercentage of households planning DIY
Wall or ceiling painting35%
Putting up pictures24%
Putting up shelves14%
Putting up or removing wallpaper14%
Bleeding a radiator11%
Grouting tiles8%
Fixing leaking taps/ showers8%
Unblocking a toilet or sink

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The modifications to the evaluation formula come within the wake of …

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Nathan Gilbert travels to Missouri to install a set of bypass doors for a pantry.

Where to find it?

Nathan installed two JELD-WEN Colonist Primed wood interior doors that most closely matched the dimensions of the opening. Nathan recommends ensuring the door has not been pre-hung and does not have bore holes in it for a standard knob. These doors can be found at home centers.

To make the doors bypass, Nathan mounted a Bypass Door Hardware kit, which is manufactured by Johnson Hardware. The kit comes with all the hardware required to mount the doors.

All the other tools and materials required to install these doors can be found at home centers.

Richard Trethewey tests two different styles of smart automatic water shutoff valves.

Where to find it?

Richard explained that most

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