Catching Up at the 2020 Idea House: Cottage on the Cape

Summer is right around the corner, and the exterior of our Cape Cod cottage is just about complete, with most of the roofing, siding, and trim now installed. Inside the house, heating and cooling systems, ventilation, insulation, and floor warming are in place, and with the walls getting primed and ready for paint, the individual spaces are beginning to take shape. Read on to take a quick tour!

Keeping with Classic Cape Cod Curb Appeal

There’s a reason white cedar shingles have become the classic siding choice on coastal Cape Cod. Cedar contains natural oils that are resistant to mold, rot and insects. Left uncoated and exposed to the region’s salt air, humidity and sun, the wood weathers to a distinctive Cape Cod Gray. We chose to have ours factory-finished in a rich Atlantic Blue to save time and labor. This, together with an easy installation tool that eliminates the need for measuring, leveling and snapping course lines, makes for a swift install.

White Cedar Shake Shingles: SBC Cedar
Lumber and Shingles via: Mid-Cape Home Centers

Installing Pre-finished Shingles

Cottage on the Cape, Idea House, 2020, Progress

Shingling is nearly complete. Coated on all sides, these pre-finished shingles not only look great going up, those good looks will

Housing Demand Spike Will be Temporary, Says Zoopla

The housing demand jump experienced once the housing market reopened will be short-lived, according to Zoopla.

The property website expects the jump in demand to be temporary, and that projections for a significant economic decline and rising unemployment will moderate further growth. 

Housing demand hit its highest level since before lockdown after the government reopened the market two weeks ago, and Zoopla says it expects sale volumes to increase further in the short-term.

But the rate of house price growth will stagger during the summer months, once the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the housing market becomes evident.

Richard Donnell, director of research and insight at Zoopla, said: “The scale of the rebound in demand for housing is welcome news for estate agents and developers, but it is also surprising given projections for a sharp rise in unemployment and a major decline in economic growth.

“The economic impacts of Covid-19 will grow in the coming months and uncertainty is building. The majority of would-be movers plan to continue their search, encouraged by low mortgage rates and continued government support for the economy. 

“However, we expect the latest rebound in demand to moderate in the coming weeks as buyers and