Homebuilding Insight: The Death of the Garage?

Nearly half of self builders will choose not to include a garage in their build, Homebuilding.co.uk research reveals, and they could be missing out on cost-effective benefits.

According to 2,881 users of Homebuilding & Renovating’s Build Cost Calculator, 1,307 self builders (45%) do not plan to include a garage as part of their homebuilding project.

Is the Garage Over?

Those with existing garages can often find that they are too small to be used as car storage and so use them for storing rarely used items or, in the case of attached garages, converting them into usable living space. Self building offers you the perfect opportunity to include a garage design that meets your exact needs.

However, there are numerous reasons why a self builder might choose not to include a garage as part of their design – it may come down to cost or size and orientation of the plot – but these self builders could be missing out on some great benefits.

Is a Garage Worth Considering?

By considering your current requirements, and assessing how you might want to use the space in the future, you may find it beneficial and cost-effective to include a garage in

The Best Memory Foam Mattress

A good night’s sleep is important to your health and wellbeing. Not only does good rest enhance your quality of life, it also protects your physical and mental health. You’ll want to be sure you made the right choice because a mattress is in investment that, if chosen thoughtfully, should last years.

The 6 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

But, there’s a lot to consider when looking for the best mattress for your needs—quality, comfort, price, and convenience. Advances in memory foam technology have made these mattresses better able to meet the needs of a variety of consumers.

The expert review team at Mattress Advisor evaluated more than 150 mattresses using an 8-point evaluation and 6-point testing method. The team also broke down characteristics such as motion isolation, responsiveness, pressure relief, edge support, spine alignment, and cooling, to identify the best memory foam mattresses for your particular needs.

From our rigorous testing, we created this comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect memory foam mattress for your sleep needs. Plus, all of the mattresses on our list are available online, so finding your new, perfect bed is just a few clicks away.

6 Best Memory Foam Mattresses – Our