S41 E26: Move in Day

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In this episode:

Kevin O’Connor, Richard Trethewey, Tom Silva, Jenn Nawada meet in the driveway and discuss the beginnings of the project.

Kevin and Tom meet homeowners Molly, John and Caroline. Molly starts the tour by taking Kevin from the foyer to the living room and dining room.

Shelby Littlefield meets them in the living room and talks about the design inspiration.

Jeff Sweenor meets them in the dining room and talks about the custom table he and Riley built.

Outside, Jenn shows Kevin the changes made to the challenging ledge-covered landscape.

Tom and homeowner John take a tour of the second and third floors to see how our team accomplished the goal of maintaining the original charm and upgrading the amenities.

In the basement, Richard shows Kevin the very modern mechanical space carved out of the rocky ledge.

Kevin and Molly recall the old kitchen and tour the new family room. They meet Michele Kelly in the kitchen and talk about the strong choices they made in terms of cabinet color and layout.

The rest of the team joins them to celebrate a beautiful transformation.


DIY Cat Bed Tutorial: Make Your Cat a Cozy Bed from a Basket

How do you make a simple cat bed for your feline friend? It’s easy—all you need is a woven basket, plywood, and some creativity and you’ve got the perfect place for kitty to rest and relax. Follow these steps:

DIY Cat Bed Directions:

1. Mark the Basket Size

Place the basket onto the plywood. Using a pencil, mark the outline of the basket on the plywood.

2. Cut the Plywood

Using a jigsaw, cut just inside the marked outline to allow the panel to find inside the basket. Check for a snug fit inside the basket—trim as needed.

Jenn Largesse

Trace the cutout onto a new piece of plywood, and then cut a second circular piece to create two levels.

3. Mark the Opening on the Upper Level

Using a round item (like the lid of a pot), mark the ends of a 10-inch opening about 2 inches from the edges of the circle. Using a ruler, draw a line between the circular ends to complete the outline of the opening.

4. Cut the Opening

Using a drill/driver fitted with a paddle bit, create a hole inside the marked opening. Insert

DIY Shoe Dresser – This Old House

This DIY shoe dresser makes compact storage with tilt-out bins, and a handy top drawer for additional storage. While the outer box is made from 1×12 boards, the drawer, bins and faces area all made from plywood that can be easily cut into strips with a circular saw (or by an associate at the homecenter!). For the inside, we used a half sheet of ¾-inch birch plywood, while I upgraded to walnut-veneer plywood for the faces to create a midcentury-style mix contrasting with the white paint.

(Note: the photo and project depict bins slightly shorter than the actual shoe cabinet plans. Call it a live-and-learn. The taller bins in the plans add just enough height to more comfortably fit heels and men’s shoes.)

Steps for building a shoe dresser:

Step 1: Prep the cabinet pieces

Jenn Largesse

Using the cut list in the downloadable plans above and a miter saw or circular saw, cut two 1x12x6 boards (actual dimensions ¾” x 11 ¼”) into the cabinet’s two sides, top and bottom. Using a circular saw and miter saw, cut the remaining pieces from a half sheet of ¾-inch-thick plywood—Remember, this can also be cut into manageable strips with a circular

Catching Up at the 2020 Idea House: Cottage on the Cape

Summer is right around the corner, and the exterior of our Cape Cod cottage is just about complete, with most of the roofing, siding, and trim now installed. Inside the house, heating and cooling systems, ventilation, insulation, and floor warming are in place, and with the walls getting primed and ready for paint, the individual spaces are beginning to take shape. Read on to take a quick tour!

Keeping with Classic Cape Cod Curb Appeal

There’s a reason white cedar shingles have become the classic siding choice on coastal Cape Cod. Cedar contains natural oils that are resistant to mold, rot and insects. Left uncoated and exposed to the region’s salt air, humidity and sun, the wood weathers to a distinctive Cape Cod Gray. We chose to have ours factory-finished in a rich Atlantic Blue to save time and labor. This, together with an easy installation tool that eliminates the need for measuring, leveling and snapping course lines, makes for a swift install.

White Cedar Shake Shingles: SBC Cedar
Lumber and Shingles via: Mid-Cape Home Centers

Installing Pre-finished Shingles

Cottage on the Cape, Idea House, 2020, Progress

Shingling is nearly complete. Coated on all sides, these pre-finished shingles not only look great going up, those good looks will

2020 Product Guide: 31 New Kitchen and Bath Products

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath this year? We’ve rounded up 31 of our favorite products from the 2020 KBIS show.

Top Kitchen & Bath Trends and Products

1. Timeless profile

A handsome marriage of form and function, this top-of-the-line gooseneck faucet has deft details, a high-shine finish, a pull-down spray, plus a motion sensor for hands- free operation.

Perrin & Rowe Georgian Era Touchless Pull-down Faucet in chrome, $1,358; House of Rohl

2. Clean slate

Cambria quartz countertop

Counters made from quartz and resin look good for years with minimal fuss. This gold-flecked slab’s on-trend blue, gray, and charcoal veining is randomly patterned, easing installation.

Portrush Quartz, from $110 per square foot (uninstalled); Cambria

3. Rainforest mist

spa showerhead

Save water and get soaked with a cloud of aerated droplets via this showerhead and handshower combo. A DIY install, it channels just 1.7 gallons per minute when both are in action.

Nebia by Moen Spa Shower in chrome and white, $258; Moen

4. Sleek cold storage

refrigerator in chrome

A glass-over-platinum finish makes this amenity-filled four-door fridge easy to clean and easy to love. And it fits inside a standard 70-inch cabinet—a first for four-doors in the U.S. Three of the four compartments

Shower Remodel Guide: Waterproofing, Doors, Valves & More

Invented as a way to wash off fast, showers have evolved into a prized source of relaxation, often with spa-like amenities. Steam shower with colored lights and piped-in playlists, anyone?

No wonder showers account for 17 percent of a typical household’s water bill. That’s led to a new generation of showerheads designed to put less water to better use. Thermostatic valves have done away with the shock of temperature swings, exposed shower risers have turned into design statements, and panels of frameless glass show off artfully tiled walls and invite in natural light.

Add built-in niches for essentials, a handheld shower, and a built-in bench, if there’s room. If you’re craving something more special, consider body sprays set in the walls, a steam shower setup, and radiant floor heat to take the chill off all that tile.

How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost?

Do plan on making an investment: Baths in general cost more per square foot to renovate than other parts of the house, partly because running plumbing is pricey and making wet areas watertight, well lit, and ventilated requires a host of skills. “As with any renovation, an experienced GC can help you decide where to spend