Where to Buy High-Quality Rustic Log Furniture for Your Cabin or Home?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a log furniture company to help furnish your home:
Choose a company with experience. There are a lot of “garage” builders out there who just decided one day to see if they could build log furniture. That means that you are their guinea pig as they try their new designs out on you. Instead, find a company that has been in business for a long time and has solid, reliable designs that will last a lifetime in your home.
Choose a company that can customize your log furniture. If you’re going to the expense of buying fine log furniture, make it an heirloom piece – a conversation piece even. Find a company that can finish it the way you want, add a nice carving or change the design to fit your needs. You can buy mass manufactured furniture anywhere. Find a company that can make this piece of furniture unique.
Choose a company with good reviews. Don’t waste your time on “no-name” review sites that don’t require purchase of products before reviewing and don’t regulate their reviews. Use reputable sites like eBay or Amazon to find relevant reviews for the company and products you are considering. Those marketplaces are heavily shopped and well monitored for spam, meaning you will get reliable reviews.
Choose a company that uses strong building techniques in the construction of their furniture. You’ll want a company that uses mortise and tenon construction throughout their products. And, one that uses large tenons. Many log furniture companies will give you the “log” look, but not the sturdiness you’d expect. They figure you don’t know that flat metal side rails screwed into the round posts of a log bed will wobble over time. They also think you won’t notice the difference between small and large tenons. Large tenons not only give you that “sturdy” look, but they also give your furniture stability. Find a company that builds with quality – even if it costs you a little more in the end.
Keep in mind that you have a lot of options when it comes to the type of wood your furniture is built with. Log furniture can be built from rustic hand-peeled logs or from lathed (perfectly round) logs. They can be built from aspen, lodgepole pine, cedar (white or red), hickory and many other of a variety of logs. Personally, I love aspen logs. They are characteristic, beautiful and full of color. But your taste may be different.
Last of all, try to find a company that can offer you a range of price points to fit within your budget. Some companies only offer furniture that comes already finished. Some only offer log furniture “kits”. The best companies offer a range of both. This leaves you with the opportunity to save a little money if you want to do the finishing yourself or put together a few of the items, while leaving you with the option to have more sophisticated items come “ready-to-use”. Such a variety means you will most certainly be able to find what you want within your price range.
Choosing the right log furniture company is important. Finding an experienced company that can offer high-quality custom products, a range of price points to fit your budget and great customer service will help make your experience an enjoyable one.