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Aeration: Taking Care of Your Lawn

Allowing air to be circulated or incorporated in water, liquid, or any substance is known as aeration. This could be in different varieties namely aeration in water, aeration in food items, and a lot more. Nevertheless, this content will specifically discuss aeration in soil specifically in taking care of the lawn. Learn more by reading further.

While taking care of your lawn requires watering, mowing, and fertilizing, there is one very important method that is highly recommended which is called aeration. Fundamentally, soil aeration would imply to generate gaps to make it possible for air, water, and nutrients movement into the root base. When accomplished in the right way, the roots can grow healthy and ultimately, a providing good health for the lawn.

The Primary Reason for Soil/Lawn Aeration?

There could probably ample of reasons why soil should be aerated. Nevertheless, the primary explanation for this is to prevent and deal with compaction. The thing is, soil compaction is extremely frequent in places individuals always step on it and for those having a clay type of soil. When soil is compressed (compacted), there is a greater possibility that nutrients, water, and other components necessary for the grass to be healthy cannot enter its roots, thus may die if neglected.

The Best Season for Aerating Soil

According to a reputable website for lawn aeration, the ideal time to do aeration is during cooling temperatures that is, fall. Generally, the grass is actively growing in this season and weed germination is at the minimum.

Aerating the soil in late spring can be done as well but you have to make sure that the soil is seriously impacted. Additionally, always ensure that weeds are have established itself without flowers or seeds yet for once they already have, there is the risk that the weeds would multiply exponentially.

Now, there might be a question why not to carry out aeration during spring. Maybe the best answer is simply because weeds grow excessively at this time and if you will conduct soil aeration in this season, you are going to help these weeds to thrive more. Even so, this may also be according to the current situation of your soil. Even if soil aeration in spring is far from recommended, when you have an extremely compacted soil and the grass is at risk to wither, then most likely, aeration must be performed wisely.

Machines and Tools to Do Soil or Lawn Aeration

Machines, tools, or devices for aeration may appear in different types and manufacturers but to learn more about it, you have to conduct your own research. It is highly recommended to use the best online search tool and click the top ranking website that you can find. However, these are the most important points that you must always consider: Firstly, effective tools are always the best; secondly, do not believe the site immediately and find more info. or resources; and finally, pick out the tools that are user-friendly.